IMPACT 早鳥註冊開跑, 產學研巨擘齊聚一堂!年度壓軸x全台最大 電路板與構裝科技盛會

刊登日期:2023-09-22   |   資料來源:IMPACT
活動日期 2023.10.25-10.27
活動地點 台北南港展覽館



 10/25-27 IMPACT 早鳥註冊開跑, 產學研巨擘齊聚一堂!年度壓軸x全台最大 電路板與構裝科技盛會

10/25-27 IMPACT Early bird registration till 6th Oct. Largest Packaging & PCB gathering in Asia.

      【第18屆國際構裝暨電路板研討會(簡稱IMPACT 研討會)】即將於20231025 () 1027()於台北南港展覽館隆重登場!同期亦有TPCA Show 2023共襄盛舉!今年IMPACT研討會主要由IEEE EPS-TaipeiiMAPS-TaiwanITRITPCA 聯合舉辦,戮力打造全球最具專業指標的電子構裝及電路板研討會,每年成功吸引600位國內外產官學界人士參與

今年以「IMPACT on the future of HPC, AI, and Metaverse」為主題,主要將探討人工智慧、高效能運算、元宇宙等下世代應用下的封裝與電路板前瞻技術探討,擘劃異質整合、市場趨勢、內埋基板等特別論壇,成功邀集近230篇來自全球聚焦先進技術的研究發表,創下近年新高的學術發表能量。

  今年IMPACT持續引領前瞻科技題材,會中將有矽品、日月光、阿托科技、英特爾等知名企業論壇,今年更將由台積電何軍副總經理、AMD企業副總裁Dr. Raja Swaminathan、國際微電子暨構裝學會(IMAPS)前主席Dr. Beth Keser以及東京工業大學教授Dr. Takayuki Ohba進行精彩主題演講,並且連續三年舉辦IEEE-EPS 論壇,邀請到日月光、聯發科、Cisco、應材、賓州州立大學及喬治亞理工學院等多位海內外封裝領菁英齊聚,探討時下最熱門的AI議題,三天共計29場論壇,場場精彩可期。

  IMPACT 2023,從5G材料製程、先進封裝、終端應用等面向剖析下世代先進技術全貌,並有多家半導體、電路板指標廠商互相加乘,IMPACT已成為台灣唯一橫跨上游材料、電路板、半導體、封裝測試的國際級研討會。歡迎產業先進把握10/6前註冊可享早鳥優惠價。加入我們,參與IMPACT 2023,成為電子技術未來的一部分!


The 18th International Microsystems, Packaging, and Circuit Technology (IMPACT), is set to take place with great fanfare from October 25th to 27th, October, 2023, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in conjunction with TPCA Show 2023. IMPACT organized by IEEE EPS-Taipei, iMAPS-Taiwan, ITRI, and TPCA, aiming to create the world's most prestigious conference in the field of electronic packaging and circuit technology. Every year, it successfully attracts the participation of around 600 professionals and scholars from both domestic and international sectors.


The theme for this year is "IMPACT on the future of HPC, AI, and Metaverse." The main focus will be on advanced packaging and circuit board technologies for the next-generation applications such as artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and the metaverse. Special forums will cover topics like heterogeneous integration, market trends, and embedded technology. The symposium has successfully gathered nearly 230 research presentations from around the world, showcasing a record-high academic output in recent years.


IMPACT continues to lead discussions on cutting-edge technology topics. The symposium will feature forums from renowned companies like SPIL, ASE Group, MKS Atotech, and Intel. This year, it will also include keynote speeches by Dr. Jun He, Vice President of TSMC, Dr. Raja Swaminathan, Corporate Vice President of AMD, Dr. Beth Keser, former president of the IMAPS, and Dr. Takayuki Ohba, Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Additionally, the symposium will host the IEEE-EPS forum for the third consecutive year, with participation from industry leaders such as SPIL, MediaTek, Cisco, Applied Materials, Penn State University, and Georgia Institute of Technology. They will collectively explore the hottest AI-related topics.


IMPACT 2023 will provide a comprehensive analysis of next-generation advanced technologies in areas such as 5G materials and processes, advanced packaging, and applications, making IMPACT the only international symposium in Taiwan that covers upstream materials, circuit boards, semiconductors, and packaging testing. Industry pioneers are encouraged to register before October 6th to take advantage of early bird pricing. Join us and be part of IMPACT 2023, shaping the future of electronic technology!



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📝Call For Papers-IMPACT 2023 (Deadline: 2023/06/21)

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